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Features of promotion in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a very attractive destination for business activities in the west. And given that every year business is increasingly moving online, promotion in the Czech Republic is becoming an increasingly popular service.

We at TheNitroweb are actively working on promotion to the Western European market. And today we are ready to share some of the nuances of the promotion process in the Czech Republic. And there are indeed nuances.

Promotion to the Czech Republic: key points for SEO

If we are talking specifically about SEO promotion, then first you need to pay attention to the popular search engines in the country. As of 2022, according to the StatCounter service, Google’s share is 83.09%. Seznam is in second place with 12.31%. Other search engines such as Bing, Yahoo!, DuckDuckGo have an insignificant audience.

It would seem that Google is a clear monopolist. And in general, it would be possible to focus only on him, «sacrifice» Seznam and the rest. But it’s not. Seznam is a national service with an extremely high level of trust, so you should definitely consider it.

Important! If all the rules of SEO promotion for Google are followed, then the position of the site in Seznam will also grow. But if you start promotion taking into account the specifics of Seznam, ignoring Google, then positions in the American search engine may well sink. Move from big to small — always!

By the way, Seznam has one advantage — it’s quite easy to set up contextual advertising, which is more likely to hit the right target audience. This can and should be used if you are interested in contextual advertising in the Czech Republic.

Social media in the Czech Republic

From a technical point of view, SMM promotion in the Czech Republic is not much different from promotion in other countries. But there are also features, and they are caused by the popularity of various social networks.

  • YouTube is in first place: 95% of citizens use it.
  • In second place is Facebook: 93% of citizens use it.
  • In third place is Instagram: used by 90% of citizens.

Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networks have a significantly smaller audience. But you should not exclude them during SMM promotion.

Interesting fact! Until 2018, the third most popular site in the Czech Republic was the Spolužáci platform, where Czech students and schoolchildren communicated, got acquainted, and received important information. In 2015, there was already a decline in user interest in Spolužáci, and on September 2, 2018, the project was finally closed. There is one less popular platform for promotion.

Promotion in the Czech Republic: technical component and more

On the one hand, the methods and techniques of promotion are the same as elsewhere. But on the other hand, in order for the promotion to work, it is necessary to approach the matter comprehensively:

  • speak the language at a level of at least B1, and preferably higher;
  • understand the culture, mentality and values of the inhabitants.

And in highly competitive niches, you need to be prepared for the fact that you have to spend a year and a half to achieve really good results. As we said at the beginning of the article, competition in the country is very active. Promotion and advertising in the Czech Republic is more expensive, that’s a fact.

Stages of promotion

Each project is individual, so the promotion strategy may differ from the one described below. But initially we build on just such a plan of action, adjusting it as necessary.

Niche and competitor analysis

Once again: the competition in almost all niches in the Czech Republic is extremely high. Therefore, it is very important to analyze competitors. First of all, the top ones. The task of the analysis is to answer a number of key questions:

  • How many users come to the site and from where?
  • What keywords and phrases do competitors rank for, what positions do pages occupy, and what is the traffic dynamics?
  • What pages are the most visited?
  • What is the link profile of competitor sites?

You must objectively understand how busy the niche is at the moment, how your direct competitors work, which promotion methods give them more traffic, and which ones are unprofitable.

In no case should you blindly copy the experience of another company, otherwise your business will always remain “catching up”. You need to learn how to take the successful ideas of competitors and eliminate the mistakes they made. But don’t copy!

Content Marketing

The quality, informativeness and relevance of content for the target audience is one of the most important ranking factors for Google sites. The place of your site in the top directly depends on the usefulness and interestingness of blog posts, videos on the site, and even short useful notes for readers.

It is important to learn how to strike the right balance between commercial and informational content. It is believed that Google has a positive attitude towards sites that publish at least 4-5 new materials per month.

To work on content, we recommend engaging an experienced content marketer — his services will help you achieve the best results of content promotion. But we also want to give a few additional tips:

  • Be sure to look at what queries the article is shown by the search engine in order to select queries that are close in meaning and synonym queries for subsequent publications. This can be done using Semrush and Google Search Console services.
  • Learn and add missing semantics. In general, the semantic core must be periodically updated, updated and expanded as necessary. Working for months and years with one limited semantics is not a good idea.
  • Use infographics and images. This will add variety to the content, make it more visual and informative, increase audience engagement and have a positive effect on behavioral factors. And this, as we have said more than once, is very important for ranking.
  • Expand your articles. It often happens that the article has already been uploaded and indexed, but you see that the topic can be developed and expanded, keywords can be added, and something can be completely replaced. It is not necessary to delete an already indexed article and write a new one. You can expand an existing one. The indexed parts will remain in the index, while the new parts will gradually be indexed.

Advice! When writing SEO articles in Czech, we recommend using long keywords. The fact is that the Czechs are very active in using voice search. And voice requests tend to be longer than text ones. Consider this.

Website technical optimization

Website optimization must be carried out even before you engage in direct promotion. Otherwise, technical errors and shortcomings simply neutralize all efforts for promotion.

Technical optimization includes a whole range of works (they can be counted about 150). We list the most significant:

  • Increasing site loading speed. The faster pages load, the better. If the site is loaded from 5-7 or more seconds, this is very bad for promotion.
  • Checking the correctness of the layout and, if necessary, correcting it. In particular, we are talking about adaptive design and normal display of the site on small screens of handheld devices.
  • Analysis of the site structure and internal linking with their subsequent optimization. This is important not only in terms of usability, but also for SEO. If the site is inconvenient to use and it is not intuitive, the behavioral indicators will deteriorate, and the site will gradually begin to sag in the search results.
  • Search and removal of duplicate pages, broken links, pages with server response code 3xx, 4xx, 5xx. These are also quite common problems that are not so easy to identify in time, but they can hit positions hard.
  • Working out the correct markup of pages with metadata, headings of different levels, microformats, etc. Plus filling in Sitemap.xml, robots.txt, etc.

Of course, it is a big plus if one company with good specialists is engaged in the development and promotion of your site. But this is not always the case. Sometimes a customer, in order to save money, turns to an inexpensive web studio, orders the development of a site, and then realizes that despite all the efforts and investments, it is simply not possible to reach the top. Then you have to deal with technical optimization.

Link building

Increasing the external link mass of the site is an important stage of promotion. Incoming links increase company awareness, attract new traffic, and most importantly, increase the authority of the resource in the eyes of search algorithms.

The more authoritative resources that link to you, the better. This is a simple rule. However, chasing quantity, sacrificing quality, is definitely not worth it. At the beginning of the 2000s, it was quite possible to reach the top of search results thanks to the massive purchase of cheap links on exchanges. Today, this approach can have quite the opposite effect. Quality is more important than quantity! And if suddenly you are offered to invest in the bulk purchase of links, think several times before agreeing.

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